It all began in 17th century Southern France where beret making became industrialised by Beatex-Laulhere. Since it was worn by the French for centuries ,everyone has a vision about the people who wear those flexible hats with the stalk on top…

Who do you think about when you see one out in the wild? The wine drinking, Breton wearing French? The Artsy Hipsters who only wears it because they claim they discovered it first? Or maybe you think about the muscled army guy you secretly had a crush on for years?AirBrush_20180802191516
AirBrush_20180815135235But now in all seriousness, the beret is everywhere! They have taken over the runway’s of Gucci, Chanel, David Hart, Dyne (and obviously many more) to almost every fashionblog on the planet. And since I’m ALWAYS about trying new trends, I decided to buy three of them. 😉

For today’s look I wanted to do something colourful & summery wich is quite unusual for my doing. A fun fact is that I’m all about shades of black, maroon, emerald-green & white. So it was a fun challenge to style this colourful orange headgear. Check out ASOS for a wide range of fabulous berets!!                                    IMG_20180824_164524And honestly what colour is more summery than orange? With this bright colour you can literally do anything! So I decided to opt for these fantastic pair of striped pants to pair it with. It’s made in these beautiful shades of pastel pink, light green, soft red, navy blue and little hints of white. In pants I have this rule “THE BOLDER THE BETTER”, it’s one of the clothing items I love to go crazy with! 🙂

AirBrush_20180815135223And I have a confession to make…I have a serious thing for shoes… Wich means I’m a few pairs away from being a shoefetishist. 😉 These dark brown Lanvin ones are just absolutely perfect for this look, from the velvety smooth suede to the patent leather in the front. An absolute must have! And the good news is: they’re so comfortable!

airbrush_20180802180433.jpgI’m a firm believer in accessorizing, so to finish this look I added a leather Fossil bracelet and a necklace that I got for free from the most friendly vendor in Punta Cana (let’s all be honest here, who doesn’t love free stuff?!).IMG_20180824_172133I think this look is perfect to celebrate the end of summer! If you loved this outfit, check out the items in the links down below. 😉

Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni

Beret: Asos / Shirt: Revalation / Striped Pants: Asos / Suede Sneakers: Lanvin / Bracelet: Fossil / Necklace: Dominican souvenir (Similar)

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