If your clothing doesn’t move, is it even worth getting out of the house? That’s one of my own infamous quotes I adore to live by. While I do love the occasional structured coat or suit, my heart really flutters from fringe, tassels and long flowy blouses. The more dramatic the better!

Today’s look is something I’ve been wearing to multiple locations. It’s the perfect festival outfit and you can even wear it to drink some tea (maybe eat a scone ;)) with your grandmother. She might not appreciate the outfit, but HEY live a little.AirBrush_20180917151923

AirBrush_20180918202259.jpgIn this outfit I went for a plain black longsleeve shirt with Rainbow fringe dangling from the back to the sleeves from Asos. The amazing thing about Asos is that you can literally find everything in their online store! An even better thing is that a big part of their collection is ALWAYS on sale. So if you want to try a new trend, that’s the place to go!

AirBrush_20180918205219Oh and you must know I’m hooked on leather pants lately! Actually my own grandmother gave me these, I believe they’re vintage from the 90’s.  Believe it or not but it sits quite comfortably. And it definitely adds something extra to a look. That’s why I love this one so much! It has metal buckles on the sides, laces and they’re black…that’s everything a guy like me needs. :p

airbrush_20180920003353.jpgAirBrush_20180918212430Normally I’d wear an outfit like this with Chelsea boots but I decided to switch it up a bit and go for Tom Ford dress shoes instead. Aren’t they gorgeous?! Just like the brilliant man himself (insert hearts here). And I’d compare myself to a fat kid in a candy store if I was able to get invited to one of his fashion shows.

AirBrush_20180919103319You guys know the drill, there’s no outfit without the right amount of accessories! I honestly can’t live without them. And I already can feel the questions coming: What kind of accessories do you even choose with such an out-there look? Well, I’ll tell you! For this look I chose an army green cap because the colour goes pretty well with black . Also I got these new sunglasses from Chloé and wanted to try them out, they give me real Kardashian vibes. AirBrush_20180920001144And last but not least I balanced all the “eccentricity” with a small choker from Boohoo. Long live the choker! The 90’s are back!

Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni

Shirt with fringe: Asos / Leather pants: Vintage (Similar) Dress shoes:  Tom Ford / Sunglasses: Chloé / Cap: Vacation souvenir (similar) / Choker: Boohoo


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