I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Do you know what’s the deal about friday’s? It’s a good reason to take it easy. You wake up in the morning, tired to go to work but excited for the weekend. So you end up standing in front of your closet and think “what the hell am I going to wear today?”. Nothing too uptight…but you don’t want to look like a slob either. And that’s where I interfere. 😉

For today’s look I want to show you my representation of the perfect casual Friday look. P.S. A little Gucci goes a long way!

AirBrush_20180928010940AirBrush_20180928170410AirBrush_20180928174005Most people think when they hear the word casual that it’s just a tee, some jeans and some ragged sport sneakers they found in the corner of their room. That’s exactly what’s wrong with this society. It really is much more than that. You don’t have to take it so easy, you’re allowed to have fun with fashion!! Even when you want to be casual! 😉 I’ll begin with the basics. And you know what’s the perfect base item for a casual outfit? The white tee of course. You can simply not go wrong with this one! A little history lesson here: The white t-shirt got popularized because of the iconic movie star James Dean. And oh boy did he fill them out nicely!

IMG_20180928_151321The next item on my t.g.i.f. list is this distressed jeans from Non Grada. What I notably love about this one are the subtle paint splattered across and without a doubt the rips , wich I’m super affectionate about btw . It’s like showing a piece of skin without being too revealing, although I love to be exposed once in a while (yup, I’m the gentleman that dares to wear short shorts). So if you want to wear something relaxed, distressed jeans are your savior.AirBrush_20180928163611AirBrush_20180928165347You can decorate the t-shirt with a beautiful vest or light linen jacket. It has to look effortless (even if it isn’t). This vest from Kyuso is perfect for this, look at those leather and medallion details! And yes I’m aware vests over T-shirts are so 2002 (insert high-pitched teenage girls voice here), but I found a way to make it work. However I recommend to not style this with a graphic shirt.AirBrush_20180928160018Before we move on to accessories it’s time for SHOES!! I have an exceptional relationship with this pair of Gucci’s. You truly could see them anywhere, Gucci had two types of these on their runway and street style stars proudly strutted around in them on multiple fashion weeks. It’s not my first pair of this magnificent brand, but these are the first ones that don’t hurt my feet. 🙂 The reason I wanted to include them is because they make my casual look more special. If you don’t want to be like everyone else in your comfy ensemble, the best tip I can give you is to include a pair of statement (designer) sneakers.AirBrush_20180928162235airbrush_20180928171054-e1538177223673.jpgCoco Chanel once said “When accessorizing Always take off the last thing you put on“. Despite that I simply worship this woman, but throw this advice overboard. The more the merrier! You never can wear too much accessories! That rule also applies to a casual Friday (that’s what I believe in anyway) . Face it, you’re not sitting alone at home..you’re out and about!

That’s where the jewelry comes in… I chose a gorgeous silver and gold chain link necklace, a minimalistic silver ring and a metal chain one. It doesn’t matter if it’s with a sequin dress or jeans, own it! And to make it complete, I paired it with the Dior mirrored ‘abstract’ sunglasses. Wich will make you feel like a celebrity.

   Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni

T-shirt: 90’s Grunge / Vest: Vintage / Jeans: Non Grada / Sneakers: Gucci / Sunglasses:Dior / Necklace: Vintage (Similar) / Rings: Victoria & Sold out/   



  1. “Most people think when they hear the word casual that it’s just a tee, some jeans and some ragged sport sneakers they found in the corner of their room.”
    😂😂😂😂 So true🙈😂 And yes, We all need more Gucci!😍😍😍
    Love your blog!(again) Please keep going!


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