AirBrush_20181007213435If you’d asked me a few years ago about my favourite travel destinations, Thailand wouldn’t be in it. The reason? Well…I don’t know, perhaps because Asia isn’t my cup of tea or possibly the food (wich is actually very tasteful!) . However that all changed when I arrived here for the first time (I basically had no reason to speak bad about a country I was never been to) . Trust me on this one, every pre assumption I had, was completely wrong. AirBrush_20181007215232AirBrush_20181007214429I’ve been to Bangkok, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan & Koh Samui on this trip. But for now I’ll talk about my experiences with the wonderful Island of Koh Tao, simply translated as “Turtle Island”. Personally one of the most magnificent and special Thai Islands out there!AirBrush_20181007211208AirBrush_20181007214836The journey to the Island itself is quite the trip too! Airplane, car, boat, rocket ship…you name it and you need it to get there (well, maybe not the rocketship ;)). Koh Tao hasn’t got an airport, so flying in there isn’t an option. At first we headed to the Don Mueang airport in Bangkok (at 6AM) to catch our flight to Chumphon. Next we took a taxi to the thung makham noi pier (Chumphon) to take a high-speed catamaran to Koh Tao. I’d say it took us a mere 5,5 hours to get there from Bangkok. But once you’re out on the open sea it’s a whole different world out there: Clear blue water, uninhabited Islands, rock formations and the sweet sound of silence. AirBrush_20181007212051AirBrush_20181007214141AirBrush_20181007230823Once we arrived we immediately checked-in in our hotel. Unquestionably one of the most interesting hotels I’ve ever been to . It was a wooden hut on poles in the middle of the jungle. Although it was secluded, we were not alone out there… snakes ,giant cicadas, even bigger centipedes and the occasional enormous lizard in your room (wich made me run out of there because I wasn’t prepared for that :’) ). But once you wake up in the morning, go to your terrace, drink a fresh watermelon smoothie and see the breathtaking view… it definitely feels like home!AirBrush_20181007230758IMG_20181007_211351I must admit, the basic utilities on the Island aren’t the most advanced. But hey what do you expect from a place that’s 21km². You can explore the entire Island by renting a motor or go on foot like we did.AirBrush_20181007215838 AirBrush_20181007211312We walked from Mae Haad beach (where our resort was) to Shark Bay in only 30 minutes. Keep in mind that this was on the other side of the Island. It’s advertised as the most beautiful place for snorkeling and diving, while it’s undoubtedly a fascinating spot to explore, it personally isn’t my favourite. I’ll give you a little tip here, go to Mae Haad beach. I had the most wonderful snorkeling experience over there! 🙂AirBrush_20181007212807AirBrush_20181007213435The ocean surrounding the beach is strewn with Coral reefs. And at the south end of the beach there’s a shipwreck that host many wonderful lifeforms like the angel fish, trigger fish, barracuda’s, anemone fish, sea urchins and much much more! Caution for the many sea cucumbers though, don’t step on them! And if you’re wondering about the appearance of this mighty sea vegetable, think about a penis.AirBrush_20181007213106AirBrush_20181007213836Furthermore, the beach is quite a unique sight! Truly a hidden gem!! It’s everything you expect from a tropical location: Palm tree’s, colourful boats, big rocks you can climb on, fresh hand plucked fruit and the most delicious cocktails ever. 😉 I advice you to try the Mai Tai at the royal resort, best ones on the Island. And if you’re not drunk by 2PM, are you even trying? lol

Want to know what’s the best thing? You don’t have to book a special tour to get here, you can do it all on your own terms!

Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni





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