This was my first visit to Thailand, and I must say it was a wonderful experience! My boyfriend was raving about it for years and now I fully understand why. After a flight of over 11 hours I arrived in Bangkok, my first out of four stops. But I had the loooongest jetlag ever (*internal screaming*)…But despite that I enjoyed every single moment of it!! I couldn’t wait to explore this Asian metropolis.

While it’s super touristy, it didn’t bother me at all. It does give the city that natural charm we all crave for occasionally. And if you like culture, shopping, history and a busy city life, this is the place for you. If like to know more about the places I visited while in Bangkok, keep on reading! 😉AirBrush_20181019135919AirBrush_20181019172700AirBrush_20181019194820I stayed in hotel Villa Cha-cha on Rambuttri road wich is in the famous backpacker area of Khao San road. While the streets surrounding the hotel are effervescing with life, the hotel itself is an oases of peace. And it has a pool!! A utopia if you don’t want to melt to death. And of course for all the foodies out there,  there are restaurants all over the place with all the food you can imagine (definitely try the Wonton soup!!) . You’ll experience eating like Homer Simpson would do. 😉AirBrush_20181019135703AirBrush_20181019173506If you love high-end shopping,  the Siam Paragon Mall is the place for you. The Walhalla for the eternal fashionista! With brands like Chanel, Cartier, Saint Laurent, Dolce&Gabbana, Hermès, Patek Philippe, etc.. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere! And let’s be real for a moment, do you really need that white shearling Chanel backpack that’s screaming at you from the moment you came in? Hell yes!!! AirBrush_20181009181413AirBrush_20181019151331AirBrush_20181019145724And if you’re tired of shopping, let’s have a drink! The nightlife here is unreal!!. We decided to head over to the Red sky rooftop bar in the business district. And what’s a better way of transport then the tuk tuk? It’s such a fun experience! Although the rooftop bar has different floors, I really recommend you to go to the upper floor due the spectacular view and the to-die-for-drinks! Every drink here is quite unique and has its own theme. One of mine got served in a cage. :p I don’t recommend this bar if you’re on a budget tho…but that’s why Bangkok is such a great place, it’s full of bars and little shops. Most of them are lower priced and you can score the most delicious cocktails for under 120 Baht. AirBrush_20181019172341AirBrush_20181019164839AirBrush_20181019133606AirBrush_20181019162632AirBrush_20181019163148If you love the Châteaux of Versailles , you will love The Royal Palace!  Such a unique experience on its own. It was built in 1782, approximately 218.400m² big and the home of the royal family for about 150 years. It’s one of those places you must visit! I looked in awe when I saw all the gold buildings, colourful glass embellishments, Buddha statues and extravagant shapes. AirBrush_20181019144401AirBrush_20181019173104AirBrush_20181019135422Just like The Royal Palace, Wat Arun is a sight to behold! An architectural gem of 79 meters high like you’ve never seen before. You can even climb the many stairs all the way to the top! Want to know what the most beautiful part is? It’s richly decorated with pieces of porcelain. The easiest way to get there is by ferry over the Chao Phraya river.AirBrush_20181019134249AirBrush_20181019163600Wat Pho is another gem to visit! One of the oldest temples in Bangkok and it hosts the largest reclining Buddha in the world. Fun fact: It’s completely covered in gold *bling bling*. apparently it’s also the place where the massage was born/invented. 🙂AirBrush_20181019151106AirBrush_20181019151448AirBrush_20181019134048AirBrush_20181019162237The floating market near Bangkok (Damnoen Saduak) is one of the most famous worldwide. The perfect must see! I advice to go as early as possible to avoid all the tourists. Once you’re there you can choose to go by peddle or long tail boat. From the moment you’re on the water you can browse the many shops for little souvenirs, fresh fruit, food and while you’re at it try the coconut ice cream (yumm!!).AirBrush_20181019194339AirBrush_20181019193533AirBrush_20181019193545Last but not least I want to talk about Koh San road. You either love it or hate it. It’s vibrant, full of life and very crowdy. If you don’t like people and lots of noise, don’t go there (you’ll probably go crazy lol). I had the best time there tho! It’s full of restaurants, bars, little souvenir shops and much more. And because the prices are so cheap you can try anything! If you’re into eating scorpions and spiders…you can find it all here, 😉  I strongly advice you to visit one of the many massage parlors, the foot massages are definitely one of the best I’ve ever got!

Enjoy your day, XAirBrush_20181019133606OXO, Gianni



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