Hello my loves! Winter is almost around the corner, an astonishing season for the fashion industry. While the temperatures are dropping and the sun is getting less bright, it’s time to get those heavier and warm fabrics out of the closet. For some it might not be the most exciting time of the year, but think about this, it’s time for reinvention!AirBrush_20181023175212Today I’ll talk about how to wear fur and leather , a rather controversial topic if I may believe the animal activists. I was tormented by a few of them a few weeks ago after I commented on a Facebook page of Saga Furs. It was pleasurable to read all those misspelled reply’s. Anyhow I’m not here to encourage it at all, I’m only here to be a voice for the community of fur wearers. AirBrush_20181023191804I feel like everyone needs at least one good quality leather item in their closet, whether it’s a purse, a pair of shoes or a sweater. There’s nothing awry about splurging and treating yourself to something special. So for today’s look I choose to wear my favourite leather item of all time, the Givenchy sweatshirt (the softest leather ever)! A very versatile piece wich you can wear with anything you want. Printed, velvet or even leather pants for the daredevils. The options are limitless.  AirBrush_20181023191804AirBrush_20181023170151A few golden tips: Choose a statement piece, build your outfit around it and only pair it with the colours that are in that same clothing piece. It’ll look balanced and not like you got dressed with the lights off. And don’t be afraid to throw an extra pattern in there. Aren’t these Balmain pants to die for? 😉 And stripes have lots of perks, they make your legs look 10 miles long and it’s so marvelous when paired with black!     AirBrush_20181023191029AirBrush_20181023174325Leather has the reputation as a very tough material that only fits the most seasoned biker dude. That might have been true in the past but we’re in 2018, leather isn’t sturdy anymore…It’s actually quite pleasant to wear!AirBrush_20181023182426That’s why I decided to pair this already leathery look with another leather item, calfskin shoes! The brand of footwear I chose for today is Gucci, a brand I’ ve been loyal to for years. Fun fact: My interest in fashion all started with a Gucci belt I bought when I was 14.AirBrush_20181023191915AirBrush_20181023183942The same story with fur and the new techniques that’s used to make a fur coat or any fur item in general. It’s much much lighter to wear and you don’t have to be afraid anymore that you’ll lose your balance and fall on your face, because thank god they’re not as heavy as they used to be. I sadly couldn’t go full fur because the temperature isn’t quite right yet. And I exclusively wear my full furs with leather pants anyway. So I opted for a black & burgundy Yves Salomon fox fur hat. And it’s such a cool piece because it can be transformed into a scarf and a muff as well.AirBrush_20181023170839AirBrush_20181023190638I’m not going to talk a lot about accessories, because quite frankly for a luscious look like this, it’s definitely not a necessity. My advice is to choose one: a necklace, a ring or a pair of sunglasses perhaps. My choice of the day is a black leather choker from asos. I love how minimalistic this piece is!!

Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni
Sweater: Givenchy (Sold out) / Striped Pants: Balmain / Sneakers: Gucci/  Fur hat-scarf: Yves Salomon/ Choker: Asos /



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