AirBrush_20181031174725Hello my loves! If you remember my previous travel posts, you might have noticed that I’ve only talked about Thailand so far. It’s basically an impossible task to cover it all in only one blog post. The amazing thing is that I can go on and on and on about this for eternity… And since I’ve been to the capital and three fantastic islands, I’ll cover it all for you. 😉 So be ready to read part 3 of my Thailand travel series!

This time I’ll talk about the wonderful Island of Koh Pha-Ngan! Wich literally means sand bar island in Thai. The Island is especially known for its full moon party’s at Haad Rin Beach, its rain forests and a vibrant relaxing environment. AirBrush_20181031181822AirBrush_20181031162620AirBrush_20181031160732Our journey to this sensational island started once we took the catamaran from Koh Tao. One hour on the open sea and we reached the island ruled by palm trees and rocks. Once arrived we took a jeep to our hotel. What I especially love about the hotel is that it’s so secluded that there’s a considerable chance you’ll get lost on the way over there. Rainforests and lonely roads for miles on end…Perfect if you want to get rid of those bothersome enemies! 😉AirBrush_20181031152727AirBrush_20181031154731AirBrush_20181031154038AirBrush_20181031154933AirBrush_20181031180942 If you’re looking for a peaceful hotel/beach with almost no tourists and breathtaking nature, I really recommend Plaa’s Thansadet resort! The bungalows are situated on the rocks ,decorated with an astonishing view and the kind of privacy you can only dream of (ideal for those devoted nudists :p). Oh!! And the bed is an orgasm on its own! I do get excited by four-poster beds…also the hammock on the terrace is heaven. 🙂  AirBrush_20181031165007AirBrush_20181031154504AirBrush_20181031153312The owners of the resort seem a little distant at first but once you get to know them they are actually very nice! And they’re great cooks too! While you’re at it you can try one of their original Thai dishes. And dining with a view is definitely an understatement! AirBrush_20181031161242AirBrush_20181031163003AirBrush_20181031163811AirBrush_20181031163118There isn’t much entertainment on this side of the Island. Nevertheless, in my opinion there are plenty of activities. I especially enjoyed our daily hikes. One of those hikes went to a nearby waterfall called the Than Sadet waterfalls. You can even take a swim in one of the many swimming holes if you like. Just be careful for the leeches, they’re capable of killing (nah, just kidding :p…they’re not dangerous). All this time there was a dog following us to make sure we were safe (he was so cute!!).AirBrush_20181031164022AirBrush_20181031163934On one of our daily strolls we came across this giant lizard that just came out of the water,It was at least a meter long!! AirBrush_20181031160035AirBrush_20181031162126AirBrush_20181031152430AirBrush_20181031152122The beach was a hidden gem by itself, surrounded by forests and rocks, a true magical Paradise. Even more so if you like serenity and quietness. During the day there were a few people at the beach but after 5pm when all visitors left, it was close to deserted and you had the place all for yourself. AirBrush_20181031154353AirBrush_20181031162742Snorkeling here is something that I wouldn’t suggest, however the swimming here is divine! and if you’re tired of swimming you can have lunch or a delicious cocktails by the bar on the beach. One tip: Don’t let the hippies frighten you! 😉

Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni


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