Hello my loves! How have you all been the last couple of days? 🙂 Personally I had a case of the autumn blues, a couple of breakdowns here and there (but who hasn’t in this day and age?).  However, I went to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms with my boyfriend yesterday and it definitely cheered me up!! A total recommendation if you love costumes, Disney and rivalry. And there’s some other good news! I’ll be posting three posts a week from now on *insert applause here*.

Also I’m so thrilled to finally share this outfit with you! Since the weather has noticeably changed from sunny to grey, it was time to grab my purple scarf that has been screaming at me ever since last winter ended. AirBrush_20181105183225AirBrush_20181105180148 After all these years of wearing exclusively black when it gets colder, I quickly opted to mix it with purple…a colour that reminds me of the royal lifestyle and aristocracy, a colour I wish more people would consider wearing and a colour that dates back from before Roman times. My purple items of the day consist of a cashmere Chanel scarf (the scarf that started my obsession with the brand), a Marc Jacobs blazer that’s pretty much considered a vintage and a belt bag that I have no idea where it came from.AirBrush_20181105152719AirBrush_20181105150947Never thought belt bags would EVER make a come back, I thought they looked horrid. But then it started growing on me and here we are…wearing one. No one can resists metallic ruffles. 😉 And I’ll confess the ultimate styling trick for the coming season: Tuck your scarf into your waist belt for a more editorial look.AirBrush_20181105164548Underneath my blazer I’m wearing a sheer long cardigan from Rick Owens, which is perfect for layering underneath. To make it more poised and sophisticated I paired it with my black leather pants from Helmut Lang. A brand especially known for their minimalistic, clean-cut aesthetic. AirBrush_20181105142334  AirBrush_20181105224905AirBrush_20181105133058To give my outfit an urban twist I slipped into my high-top sneakers from Balenciaga, an eyecatcher that gives an amazing effect no matter what outfit you wear. Tweed, leather, suede, Appliqué, pinstripes,…you name it and it’s on there. 😉 So versatile! And to make it all melt together I added black YSL Sunglasses, which I can’t live without!


Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni
Blazer: Marc Jacobs (Sold Out)  / Leather Pants: Helmut Lang (Similar here & here) / Sheer Cardigan: Rick Owens (Sold Out) / Sneakers: Balenciaga (For Sale here) / Scarf: Chanel / Belt Bag: Unknown / Sunglasses: Saint Laurent /


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