Hello my loves! It’s already part 4 (my last) of my Thailand travel series. It has been a wonderful journey and there are more wonderful destinations to come! AirBrush_20181119122909AirBrush_20181119142847AirBrush_20181119140223The last island on my Thai adventure is Koh Samui, it’s quite a contrast compared to all the other islands. It’s definitely one of the more touristy places out there and the nightlife is a vibrant one, the place to be if you’re a party animal! ;)Koh Samui has much more to offer though: Pearly white beaches, clear blue water, breathtaking nature, delicious food, waterfalls, elephant rides and quiet places for the peace seeking travelers.AirBrush_20181119134221AirBrush_20181119140555AirBrush_20181119134258AirBrush_20181119121434We stayed at the Smile House Resort in Bophut in a marvelous bungalow styled room surrounded by a tropical garden and two pools. the ideal oasis if you’d ask me! It’s located in a street with shops, spa’s, massage parlors, restaurants and much more. Let’s not forget about the food! Which is a beautiful experience on it’s own due the fantastic views, great service and ofcourse delicious food. I’ll never forget the indian food at Kohinoor restaurant, I still get hungry thinking about it *drool*.AirBrush_20181119124459AirBrush_20181119124056AirBrush_20181119121512While we witnessed the pink sky go darker, sipped our lychee daiquiris and laid down on the lounge seats we went on to enjoy an excquisite fire show on the beach. And OMG those guys are super talented, a true insta-worthy moment!! If I would do this myself I’d be a grilled piece of meat in no time for sure… :’)AirBrush_20181119123005AirBrush_20181119130130AirBrush_20181119124011AirBrush_20181119125725Further, I’d really recommend to discover the rest of the island by scooter, a delightful way to get anywhere you want! Once you’re on the road you’ll feel like an explorer heading to it’s next discovery. One of our first “discoveries” was the waterfall of Na Mueang. From the first moment I had the chance, I dove right in! If you’re into hiking, there’s a second waterfall not far from this one. There’s a pathway that leads all the way up to the mountain, a breathtaking view garantueed!! Warning: Don’t do this in slippers, since I almost plunged to my death.AirBrush_20181119131414AirBrush_20181119132800AirBrush_20181119133300AirBrush_20181119140529One of the things I really wanted to do in Thailand was to ride an elephant, as I’m a huge animal lover! A very important part is choosing a parc where the elephants are treated with lots of care (unfortunately abuse is very common). And that’s where the Namuang Safari park came into play. While it was a very bumpy ride (literally) through the jungle, I enjoyed every moment of it! An extraordaniry once in a lifetime experience!!  And did you know that their skin feels soft and hard at the same time? 🙂


Enjoy your day, XOXO, Gianni


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