Plaid is a print I like to wear every now and then. It reminds me of Scotland, freshly cleaved wood and getting cosy under a thick blanket with a loved one. I’m quite fond of mixing and matching prints, colours and statement pieces. The options are endless! And it’s always a treat to look around in vintage shops to exactly find that piece you didn’t know you were looking for till you found it.AirBrush_20181217181259AirBrush_20181218131143For today I created a contrasting look with only two colours. And what colours are more ideal to distract you from this never-ending gloomy weather than red and black? The symbolic shades of love and death.  If that doesn’t add a sense of mystery to your outfit, nothing will.AirBrush_20181218120654AirBrush_20181218130556I’m starting this look by wearing a black and red checkered cardigan that I bought in a vintage store in Antwerp quite a long time ago. And since winter screams for an oversized mohair cardigan, it was ment to be! To go with it I put a suede jacket (also a vintage treasure) overneath it, in the colours…you guessed it, red and black. The jacket has everything a fashionista (or fashionisto for the men in our midst) can dream of: Fringes, studs and the brightest suede you’ll ever see. To bring it all together I slipped into my plain black skinny jeans from Saint Laurent.AirBrush_20181218122126AirBrush_20181218123518AirBrush_20181218125438All these items work wonderfully together, but you can just as well style them alone. For example with plain coordinating colours, smooth leather or denim. Around my neck I’m wearing a beautiful gold toned necklace from Anthropologie. And to keep my head from freezing of I opted for a wool black hat from Stetson.AirBrush_20181218115007The sneakers you can see me wearing are my flaming Gucci’s. They work with leather pants, short shorts or as you can see here with an urban mix. It doesn’t matter if you pair it up with a sophisticated look or a cool relaxed one, it works every time!

Plaid Cardigan: Vintage (Similar herehere)   / Suede Jacket: Vintage (Similar here)/ Skinny Jeans: Saint Laurent / Sneakers: Gucci ( In beige here)/ Wool Hat: Stetson / Necklace: Anthropologie (Sold Out, Similar here)


Have a nice day, XOXO, Gianni

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