AirBrush_20190101184810AirBrush_20190101182506AirBrush_20190101201612AirBrush_20190101180359AirBrush_20190101201955AirBrush_20190101201829The poncho has officially risen from the dead and the trend is not going back to the realms of the afterlife anytime soon. It gained popularity from the moment Cara Delevigne was spotted wearing a blanket version during the 2014 Burberry runway show. But we all know the poncho was the ultimate favourite of the 70’s. However this stylish piece of outerwear has been around since the Inca’s and they were originally made out of wool.

Nowadays the options are infinite. So you want a bright pink chinchilla one? Got it! Or perhaps a version that can fly and do magic tricks? Got it! Since the choices are limitless, it can be quite a challenge to find the right look to pair it up with. Don’t worry, I have that covered! 😉

1. Brooch it up

This is an important thing to remember if you want your poncho to look sophisticated, pin a brooch on top! Whether it’s a family heirloom or a piece you acquired on a flea market, it will immediately add a rich feel to your appearance, enhancing your entire look. Thumbs up if your brooch comes with a type of embellishment, like this black one by Devil’s Advocate (a piece I can’t rave about enough).

2. Oversize the silhouette

Remember how oversized was all the craze a while ago? While it might not be the easiest trend to style (do it wrong and you’ll end up like a draped potato), it’s the perfect trend to keep your look interesting and up-to-date. I opted for an oversized pair of trousers in the colour black (if possible try to find a pair which matches the main colour of your key piece).

3.  Neutralize the colours

To avoid taking the attention off your key piece you want to opt for neutral colours. I prefer to mix it up with shades from the same colour family (to fully embrace the monochromatic trend ;)). It’s one of those colour combo’s that look elegant no matter what.

4. Add a classic piece of jewelry

While I firmly believe in adding some eccentric fun details to my looks (such as a colourful scarf or an oversized necklace), I’d definitely keep it classic and subtle. That’s why I opted for a white and yellow gold watch, since a classic timepiece will never go out of style.

5. Make it preppy

If it’s up to Vogue, prep is back! A style that goes back to the upper-class, vintage yachting clubs and preparatory schools from last century England. Since it’ll be the next big thing in 2019, so why not be ahead of the crowd and start today?  A classic button up shirt or a large hat will do the trick. Add a silk tie for an additional preppy effect (such as this one, which I picked up at Forzieri) .

Poncho: Isabel Marant (Also here) / Dress shirt: Corneliani / Trousers: Dsquared2 / Lace up shoes: Tom Ford / Hat: Solognac / Tie: Forzieri / Brooch: Devils Advocate / Watch: Alpha du Centaure (Sold Out) / Ring: Glamira /


I wish you a healthy and beautiful 2019, XOXO, Gianni

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