airbrush_20190113145854While I was browsing through my vacation pictures the other day, reliving delightful memories, I came across my trip to Punta Cana. And you can’t imagine how much I’d like to go back to that paradise someday! oh…why can’t vacations last forever? πŸ™‚ And seeing that a lot of you guys love my travel posts, it wasn’t long before I decided to write another one. So here we are!

Crystal clear water, snow-white beaches, fresh coconuts, waving palm trees and luxury resorts are just one of the many incredible things you can find on this romantic destination. So I’ll go ahead and break it down for you, starting with the hotel!

WHERE WE STAYEDairbrush_20190104134929airbrush_20190104135552airbrush_20190104143303airbrush_20190104141905airbrush_20190104151327airbrush_20190104153117airbrush_20190113143855airbrush_20190104162640One of the major goals of the trip was to relax and bathe in luxury (we all deserve a little decadence once in a while, don’t we? :)). Once I saw the Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf & Casino resort, I knew that wouldn’t be a problem. With its gigantic oase like pools, 18-hole golf course, fabulous spa’s, tropical gardens and a private beach, I felt home already! But it didn’t stop there, if you really want to feel like a queen, I highly advice you to choose the privileged package. It’ll gain you access to a different part of the beach with Balinese beds (best invention ever!), bring a vogue and a large sunhat and you’ll fit in right away (that’s what I did LOL). There’s a private check-in lobby with champagne, you can get more exclusive drinks at bars Also you’ll be able to eat in a closed of section of the restaurants, even better news is that the a la carte restaurants are completely free! I honestly can rave about it forever. πŸ˜‰


airbrush_20190115215512.jpgairbrush_20190113150053airbrush_20190113150015airbrush_20190115215329airbrush_20190115215609Getting to the room is equally as exciting as the room itself. I can hear you think ”what can possibly be exciting about that?”. Well, It involves transportation by golf cart and not having to carry the bags to the room yourself! Once we stepped foot into our blissful golf course view suite, I instantly felt relaxed. The rooms here are exquisite! The modern interior consists of a seating area, a large supersoft bed, a balcony with a hammock, a luxurious bathroom with a double rain shower (perfect if you want to shower with your loved one ;)) and a lavatory/sink on both sides, there’s even a little walk-in closet! My personal tip: Don’t leave your white jeans on a pile of white sheets (I checked the room, but it was probably mistaken for a towel *oops*, the jeans are gone)


airbrush_20190115214506airbrush_20190104150607airbrush_20190104150832airbrush_20190104153718airbrush_20190113143520When it comes to food, I want to try everything in my life at least once (like a true foodie ;)). Since the resort hosts 4 buffets, 4 a la carte restaurants and countless bars, I had the opportunity to try out anything I wanted. After all, I was in a country where I haven’t been before, so trying the Caribbean kitchen was a must! And that’s where restaurant Yuca came into play. The most flavoured soul food I’ve ever tried! If you have the chance, choose the beef stew *drool*. And not a fan of eating a la carte? There’s always the buffet with its fresh fruits, heavenly meats, yummy eggs (you can choose the ingredients yourself) and much much more. Furthermore, on one of my daily strolls I came across this adorable place where you can eat fresh lobster and king crab. It’s a 15 minute hike out of the resort over a seaweed infested beach, but totally worth it!


airbrush_20190104134642airbrush_20190104160523airbrush_20190104125332airbrush_20190104124010.jpgairbrush_20190113145645airbrush_20190104152513There’s a lot to explore on the Dominican Republic. Whether you want to relax on the beach, build a sandcastle, hike through a palm-tree forest or swim in the azure blue ocean. There’s something for everyone. I especially enjoyed the hour-long hikes across the coral beaches! We could walk for hours and not bump into a single soul. On one of our hiking trips in the forest we stumbled upon a sea of colourful paintings, such a magical sight to behold! Since I don’t like working out when travelling, I spend hours in the ocean (a great way to burn off those margarita’s! :)), fighting the waves, laying on rocks covered with seaweed and snorkeled the day away. Warning: Don’t step into a sea urchin, they’re difficult to spot and they hurt like hell (ask my boyfriend, he stepped into one *that poor soul*).


airbrush_20190113145723pelican--2-8-2018-12-34-42-pm-ldb9fb924307488480e58463894a664bfairbrush_20190104124755airbrush_20190104133322If you have a soft spot for animals and breathtaking nature, this is the destination for you! Hop on a whale-spotting boat tour during mating season to watch whales getting it on. You can even spot Dolphins and Manatees if you’re lucky. Birds are also a large part of the Dominican Republic’s wildlife like: Flamingo’s, white Ibises, Pelicans and Toucans. Besides birds there are many other animals ranging from Iguana’s to Crocodiles to squirrels. And if you’re tired from animal watching you can collect seashells and pieces of coral or grab a fresh coconut from the many palm trees in the area. So grab your drink, seat yourself on a piece of driftwood and watch the sky turn from blue to pink.

I hope you’ll enjoy Punta Cana as much as I did, XOXO, Gianni



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