airbrush_20190129221717airbrush_20190129221630airbrush_20190129220647airbrush_20190129210015.jpgairbrush_20190129211451airbrush_20190129213109airbrush_20190129221903.jpgCapes have been around since the year 1066, but it wasn’t untill the Victorian times that this fashionable piece of outerwear became popular around the masses. While scarlet red was exclusively reserved for nobles, other colours were widely available for everyone else. And flash forward to this era, it’s still a beloved choice if you want to opt for something special. Aside from being outstandingly luxurious and versatile, it’s just exceptionally comfortable! On the other hand, if you’re hesitant to embrace this trend because you might be afraid it’ll make you look like a cross between Dracula and Superman, I got you covered with these five foolproof tips and tricks!


The number one drawback of a cape is that it can come off as rather old-fashioned. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make sure you’re going home with a cape that doesn’t look like it came out of your aunt Gertrude’s closet and they’re all about the material! Although I agree that a heavy wool knit is the perfect match for icy weather like this, I strongly advice you to opt for a more flowy and smooth material like Crêpe de chine or voile (preferably in black or a bold colour).


This is the most essential thing to remember: if you want your cape to look up-to-date and contemporary, add an embellished jumper or blouse underneath! Whether you want to go for a glass beaded tank top or a studded sweatshirt like this black one from Saint Laurent. And the incredible aspect about embellishments is that they instantly give you a luxurious appearance! Who doesn’t want to look like a sparkling chandelier? 😉 I know for sure I do!


I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a million times, but it’s all in the details! 🙂 And while I’m all in for adding fun details (such as a colourful necklace or a brooch), I’d definitely recommend to keep your bigger pieces neutral. A wide belt, large mirrored sunglasses or a black leather beret (just like this one from Eugenia Kim) is the ideal way to bring this outfit to a higher level.


I know I know, I’m all about black. But once in a blue moon I like to introduce colour into my wardrobe. 😉 And what looks better with a full black outfit than a pop of colour? More black? Probably. But I’d opt for rich looking colours like emerald-green, imperial red or royal blue, to keep that old-fashioned elegance from the past alive. Whether it’s in the form of trousers (like I did), shoes or perhaps a crossbody bag. Everything is possible!

Cape: Sandro (Similar here) / Sweater: Saint Laurent (Similar here & here) / Jeans: Diesel Black Gold  / Dress shoes: Tom Ford  / Beret: Eugenia Kim  / Wide belt: Current Elliot (Sold Out)  / Rings: Asos  /


Have a nice day, XOXO, Gianni



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