AirBrush_20190220213716AirBrush_20190219202533AirBrush_20190220202325AirBrush_20190219210115AirBrush_20190219210342AirBrush_20190219223306AirBrush_20190220212148I always compare trends to the waves of the ocean, they come, they go, they come back again and some never do (ohh, the circle of life). But when it comes to fashion houses there are only a rare few that can withstand the test of time as strongly as Chanel. This leading fashion house was founded by the legendary Coco Chanel in 1909, took over by the iconic Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 and after Karl’s recent passing (Rest in peace) the designer wand went to Virginie Viard (Karl’s right hand). And as you guys may have noticed, I’m a tremendous fan of the brand! Wether it’s in the form of a vintage 2.55, runway sneakers or a pearl embellished Brooch, I’m all in for it! However, today I’ll discuss the Chanel jacket, which was introduced in 1924 in a fabric named tweed. Thus if you’re curious to know how to style one of these prized possessions, keep on reading! 😉


Chanel jackets are considered one of the most sophisticated, stylish and exclusive jackets out there, I even go as far as saying they’re the pinnacle of high fashion. Plus each season a variety of new styles are introduced on the runway. So if you’re contemplating about purchasing one of these valuable jackets (especially if this is your first time), opt for one in a neutral colour like black, navy blue or soft beige. As for the cut, if you’re not too sure about it, go with an always slimming tailored version (and if you go for a second one don’t hesitate to go crazy :))!


Asides from being a statement piece, a jacket like this can also feel a little too much for daytime wear. But the reality is that it can be worn throughout the day (yes, even the ones with sequins)! I’ll say even more, I highly encourage you to add an embellished pair of jeans, a t-shirt or thank top (like the one I’m wearing which I picked up at Balmain) to add even more drama. But don’t overdo it, if you chose to wear it with glittery jeans, pair it up with a basic shirt and visa versa!


Parisians are widely known as refined, timeless and incredibly chic. Their ways of making the most of each and every fabric out there is incredibly inspiring and they do it with grace! But most of all I’m especially intrigued how they make neutrals work so well without going boring. That’s why I decided to add glistening tuxedo pants and a pair of black leather dress shoes to my ensemble (it doesn’t get more timeless than this).


Accessories, accessories,…who doesn’t love them? Even though an outfit like this doesn’t exactly ask for a multitude of accessories. Coco Chanel once said: When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on.” While it does contradict with everything I believe in, I have to side with her on this one. A classic piece or two go a long way! Rather of toting around a colour screaming statement piece, opt for harmonious colours instead. Such as a black scarf, a leather watch or a cool toned necklace.


Though I’m not a fan of neutral make-up (I really like to plaster it on there), a garment like this asks for subtlety. There’s just something intrinsically elegant about a nude colour palette! An incredible example is the no-makeup makeup look, which is basically a look that requires minimal of makeup to make you appear sun-kissed, healthy and glowing. A little BB cream, some bronzer, a sweep of highlighter and a tad of blush will do the trick. If you do want a little colour, opt for a bright red lip. Nothing sexier than that! 😉

Jacket: Chanel (Resort 2011 collection) / Tank top: Balmain (In rainbow colours here &here) / Tuxedo pants: Theory / Necklace: Vintage / Bracelet: Vintage (Similar here & here)  / Shoes: Tom Ford


Enjoy your Chanel jacket, XOXO, Gianni


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