AirBrush_20190306215642Last minute beach trips are constantly sneaking into my agenda which means I have to be beach body ready at any moment. However there’s always one crucial thing I forget about: pré-tanning. It might sound ridiculous to some, but I’m the type of person that likes to arrive at the beach like a glowing bronzy god(ess). My prayers were answered when I discovered the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze range and I immediately fell in love with two of their products!

AirBrush_20190306222645First, the Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Mist. It’s applied as a spray, so you don’t need to smear it out. And because of the tiny particles ,it gives the most flawless finish, no streaks and it makes you smells like citrus (isn’t this the most amazing product ever?!). And do you remember those self-tanners where if you didn’t wash your hands they’d get all orangy? Not with this one! It leaves no discolouration on the palm of your hands whatsoever. No Oompa Loompa moments for this guy! 😉

AirBrush_20190306220735Second, I tried the Sublime Bronze Self-tanning Mousse which is another incredible alternative to sun exposure. I got a luscious tan from the moment I applied the product, a tan that stayed for about 6 days! I do recommend to apply it with a glove instead of your hands though. Not only it’ll look more natural, also it won’t stain your hands and the application will be more evenly. And make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin beforehand!


Have a bronzy day, XOXO, Gianni

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