The colour Chartreuse may remind you of late 80’s sportswear, avocado flesh or the famed French liquor. Even I believe it’s one of the more unconventional shades out there, style wise. However if we have to believe Nina Ricci, Vivienne Westwood or Issey Miyake, it’s on its way to become the hottest colour of the season. Thus I decided to give it a whirl! Even though my inspiration was below zero, it took my awhile to realize that it’s at its most beautiful when combined with dark colours like black and navy blue or bold colours like turquoise and bright red. So whether you opt for a coat, pair of shoes or an oversized sweater (like this one from Body Flirt), it’ll be a fun way to brighten up your ensemble!AirBrush_20190310222310Today I’m pairing it up with a charming vintage army green tailored jacket (have you noticed the buttons?!). In spite of the fact that this piece is a glimpse of the past, it looks quite modern, it’s easy to throw on and you’re fully dressed in the blink of an eye. I’ll say even more, it’s timeless. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more nonchalant approach, roll up your sleeves and let your sweater or blouse peek through (trust me, it’s a small styling tip that’ll make you look effortless!). 😉AirBrush_20190310213357AirBrush_20190310212401AirBrush_20190310215159The pants I’m wearing are the zip-pocket skinny leather ones from RTA with (you guessed it) zippers on the pocket (aren’t they a fantastic addition?). Because we can only have so much of the same-looking leather trousers right? But besides that, these type of pants are extremely easy to style. Also it’s a rather sophisticated alternative to the regular jeans. And to keep everything in sync and to add a little more sophistication to my look, I opted for my beloved Tom Ford dress shoes.


AirBrush_20190310203351No matter how late I am for an appointment, I always take time to put on my ornaments. 😉 I just love accessories! And my large metallic necklace is the perfect partner in crime. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s fabulous and it’s one of my vintage finds. I paired it up with yet another piece of bling in the form of this ring (which I made myself). And last but not least I opted for eye-catching cat-eye sunglasses from Asos with a mirrored finish, which works like magic and completes my look!

Sweater: Body Flirt  // Military Jacket: Vintage (Similar here) // Leather pants: RTA  // Dress shoes: Tom Ford // Necklace: Vintage (Similar here & here)  // Ring: self-made // Sunglasses: Asos //


Have a beautiful day, XOXO, Gianni





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