With Jack frost closing his door at us as the wildflowers rise from the earth and a parade of animals revive from their hibernation, we can say the transition from winter to spring is complete! which means for many of us, that it’s time for a change, a renewal perhaps? However, no transition seems as dramatic as this one! But as season change so do our priorities, our wardrobes and our skin care. I for a fact am delighted to trade my black clothes in for something more colourful. What’s your spring tradition? (let me know in the comments) 😉


With that being said, it’s time to bring us to the topic of the day: colour, well two colours in particular. Just as I was creating a flatlay for instagram the other day I noticed that I have quite a lot of pink and turquoise lying around the house lately. The matter of fact is that those two colours are the embodiment of the flowering season. Merely a coincidence? Possibly not. But it’s a given that people tend to favour brighter colours once the sun comes out. So without further ado, I present to you my favourites for the month of March!



First things first, I believe everyone needs at least a few qualitative brushes in their beauty arsenal. Even though, prior to acquiring the BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz piece brush set, I had been mostly using my fingers, the occasional beauty blender or old brushes to blend everything out. However, that all came to an end when my beauty blender broke – again. And fed up with using my fingers or brushes that were losing its hairs, I was eager to replace it with a better substitute. Whilst I was browsing through literally every brush on beautybay, I came across this beautiful set. What can I say, the pink marble drew me in! They’re easy to use, the hairs are from a soft synthetic material and the set contains every type of brush you need.



You don’t want to know how many eyeshadows I’ve tried over the last couple of years. Some were marvelous, some were heinous and some made me question my make-up skills entirely. However my fate got restored once I discovered The Zulu eyeshadow palette from Juvia’s Place! Which I’ve been eyeing over ever since NikkieTutorials raved about it on her youtube Channel. And oh boy, was she right! Not only are they insanely pigmented, sensationally creamy and a dream to blend, they’re also very affordable – For just €23,75! With six matte shades – burnt orange, ochre, auburn, green cyan, raspberry red, plum – And three metallic shimmering shadows: pear green, turquoise, rose gold – you have everything you need to create a variety of stunning and bold looks. My favourite shade is without a doubt the burnt orange. Thus if you’re looking for a fun and adventurous palette, this is the one for you! FYI, Juvia’s place is 100% cruelty free.


I presume I’m a bit of an eyeshadow addict lately. And the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow is yet another make-up product that I’ve been using constantly for the last couple of months. However, that wasn’t always the case. It’s one of those beauty products that I completely forgot about and rediscovered again years later as I was going through my collection of make-up. And here I am writing about it! I do have to state that the packaging of these products are from many many years ago and there’s a high chance they don’t exist anymore. Nevertheless, Estée Lauder has redesigned the Pure Colour line into something more contemporary. And I must say the application is as effortless as it used to be! Also their size is ideal if you’re traveling but don’t want to hassle by bringing an entire eyeshadow palette.



As you may have noticed, my love for fur goes beyond life itself. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d choose a beautiful mink coat over anything else in the blink of an eye. Maybe it’s the old timey glamour, it being the ultimate status symbol or my own eccentricity that attracts me to these type of things. I just can’t get enough! While fur lasts a lifetime, the same can’t be said about the duration of wear a year, which is exclusively around the winter. However, that all changed when Kopenhagen Fur reached out to my earlier this winter to surprise me with a little gift. Once it arrived, I ecstatically opened the package and noticed the turquoise mink keychain within. The mink is as soft as silk, the colour reminds me of easter and it’s the ideal solution if you want to wear fur all year round without getting steamed from the inside out.



I consider myself a tea enthusiast and my love affair with anything tea-related dates back to my childhood years. Ever since my grandmother poured me my first cup, I knew I was hooked! I’ve owned several teapots over the years – anything from glass to ceramic and tea infusers in every shape and size. Yet this is my favourite! It’s the ideal size, brewing four big mugs of tea at a time, made from a fragile chinese porcelain, hand painted with a patience I don’t know about and it comes with an inbuilt tea filter in the spout. I found this particular one in the attic of the house I grew up in. And every time I have company over and serve tea in this pot, I get literal a tsunami of questions ”Where did you find it?” ”Did you get it in an antique store?”. It’s a fantastic conversation starter for my afternoon teas. I even bought a rechaud to complete the effect.



”Florals? for spring? Groundbreaking.” We all vividly remember this quote from The Devil Wears Prada. And while you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that florals and springtime go hand-in-hand, it certainly isn’t the most revolutionary idea out there. Nevertheless, This season practically screams for flowers! And if you have sudden amnesia when it comes to watering them or getting them in the first place , I have the perfect solution for you, faux flowers. I’m typically not the faux-anything type, so you can imagine I was rather skeptical about it. Because let’s be honest, a few years ago they were as fake as they could get. Yet that all has changed – Thank god. The trick is to spend a little extra. It’s really about making an investment!  Small local shops are the best place to find really convincing ones. And if you don’t want the hassle by looking all over town, check out Best ones I’ve seen so far!


Enjoy the flowering season, XOXO, Gianni


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